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dTEAM - Contemporary Performance and Competition Team 



Our TEAMdpa Talent programme by our parent company Dancepointe Academy, aims to identify dancers with promising technical and artistic attributes, and to nurture them to fulfill their potential. As we believe that unearthing each child’s unique potential takes time and intentional guidance, our programme is designed to take each child through a year-long journey that is facilitated through various opportunities by many educators, artists and experts. 


Dancers will undergo group and individual training with our team of teachers on a regular basis to hone their techniques in various genres. They will be offered master classes/workshops conducted by local and international dance artists from within and outside of the academy. Selected dancers will also prepare for competition items and will be given the opportunity to compete on various platforms, e.g., MIBC, CSTD, GTB, AGP, etc. Other opportunities, such as the Immersion Programme, will also provide dancers with valuable exposure to the professional community in the local and international dance scenes. In summary, dACADEMY believes that by intentionally exposing the dancers to these opportunities and platforms, they will be encouraged to consider further pursuing dance as a career, e.g., as a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, etc. 


Led by Contemporary Dance Artist and Educator, Mr Goh Shou Yi, dancers will work intensively towards honing their skills in both contemporary dance technique and creative movement task. The training aims to facilitate a space for dancers to develop critical thinking skills in approaching embodiment. Young dancers are empowered to develop confidence in identifying their own unique expression by providing tools and ideas for them to respond to the varied and constantly evolving demands of contemporary dance choreography.

Outstanding dTEAM dancers will also be invited to work on solo/duo/trio/ensemble works choreographed by Ms Leia Ang and Ms Ng Xian Cui  for performances and competitions.

In these years, the choreographers have achieved top placings for Contemporary in various International and Singapore Dance Competitions. See our Achievements page for updates!

Immerse and exchange with experienced dance artists from locally and internationally. Dancers will also get a chance to be mentored in choreography and performance by guest choreographers/teachers, and attend relevant talks by specialists for dancers. If the opportunity arises, they might experience a day shadowing professional dancers at work. Finally, they will meet other dancers of different cultures and backgrounds to talk about dance and life. 


Perform on various platforms locally and internationally. 


Compete in local and international dance competitions to gain professional stage experiences. 

Look out for our space at HAPPENINGS for our yearly dTEAM Audition and the registration link, 


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