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Registration Time: 6.00pm - 6.45pm

Audition Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm 


TERM 4 (2020) - TERM 3 (2021): SAT 7.00pm - 9.30pm at Dancepointe Academy @ ARC

TERM 2 & 3 (2021):  TUES 7.00pm - 9.30pm at Dancepointe Academy @ Khatib

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*for TPPDC, please visit

dTEAM™ 2020/21 Open Audition for Contemporary Dancers 

Registration for dTEAM Senior and Junior 2020/21 is now OPEN! Join us for dTEAM Junior (13-15yo) and dTEAM Senior (16yo & above)! 

Be part of TEAMdpa 2020/2021 to expand your potential in DANCE with our intensive training lead by award winning choreographers!

TEAMdpa is a specially crafted talent development programme for the budding dancers by our parent company Dancepointe Academy. We aim to provide a conducive environment where talented young dancers can further develop their Dance Technique and stage Performance quality. This special training group will be given valuable stage experience and opportunities in both International & Singapore Dance Competition and Performance platforms.

dTEAM, the Contemporary Performance and Competition team of TEAMdpa, provides an avenue for young aspiring dancers with great potential to broaden and deepen their own contemporary technical training, explore their artistry, as well as compete and perform on professional stages in Contemporary Dance. 

Led by Contemporary Dance Artists and Educators, Mr Goh Shou Yi and Mr Marcus Foo, dancers will work intensively towards honing their skills in both contemporary dance technique and creative movement task. The training aims to facilitate a space for dancers to develop critical thinking skills in approaching embodiment. Young dancers are empowered to develop confidence in identifying their own unique expression by providing tools and ideas for them to respond to the varied and constantly evolving demands of contemporary dance choreography.

Outstanding dTEAM dancers will also be invited to work on solo/duo/trio/ensemble works choreographed by Ms Leia Ang and Ms Ng Xian Cui  for performances and competitions.  

dTEAM™ 2020/21 Audition Details


Venue: Dancepointe Academy @ ARC

Registration Fee: $10 (non-refundable)

Closing Date: 1st December 2020, 2359hrs

**Safety measures such as distancing and maximum capacity per audition will be observed

**Dancers on O & A Levels, u may now audition on 5th December!

Please email for any enquiries.

dTEAM™ 2020/21 Training Schedule

– Contemporary Dance Training in techniques and artistry; open to any dancer who inspires to be a performer

- Singapore and International Competition Platforms (twice a year)

- 1 Overseas Contempoary Immersion Programme (to be advised on the name of institution in Feb 2021)

- TEAMdpa is a subsidized programme (up to 50% at $12 per hour) as Dancepointe Academy believes in providing stage and training opportunities to many with a lower cost structure and to be line with our Mission: ” Dance as An Education.”


- 2020/21 Bursaries (TEAMdpa Financial Assistance Plan) will be given out to all successfully selected TEAMdpa. Up to 2 per class will be awarded this Bursary*.


- 2020/21 Scholarships worth $18,000 were given to outstanding achievers of 2020 Competitions and hope to continue this for 2020


Credits: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Contemporary Dance Club - D3 NP Danz Fiesta 2011

Choreography & Video Editor: Marcus Foo

Music: Apparat

Credits: Contemp{minated}, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

You can watch Mr Goh Shou Yi's class video at:

Video Credits:

Goh Shou Yi, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), School of Dance, Contemporary Dance Technique Class.

Plastic Star by Byetone (We do not own the copyright to the music.)


Special thanks: 

NAFA, School of Dance Faculty & Students and Aditep Jane (Video Recording).



Video materials taken before Covid-19 Pandemic.

Kindly note that these videos are NOT for RE-RECORDING in any form and is solely for personal viewing purposes.

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