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We are excited to announce the return of our dACADEMY Contemporary Dance Curriculum, written by Ms. Leia Ang, for all our ballet students! Ms. Leia attained her Masters of Dance Studies at the University of Auckland (NZ) in 2019, where she deepened her comprehension of dance education, and was exposed to the rigour of research writing.


Currently in the dance world, ballet dancers are increasingly required to perform contemporary dance works with confidence. With the aim to further develop your child’s potential in dance, we have designed a short course to introduce contemporary dance technique(s) to your child. Additionally, our team of educators at dACADEMY (Contemporary Faculty of Dancepointe Academy) believes that contemporary dance can be an alternative medium for growth and development through the premise of dance improvisation. A common practice in contemporary dance, Improvisation, is the spontaneous creation of movement which encourages self-expression and the discovery of self and life. As such, we encourage you to consider this programme as an opportunity for your child to gain exposure and training in contemporary dance techniques in addition to classical ballet, in order to hone his/her versatility as a dancer. 

In line with the mission for dance as a means to educate - more specifically for our school, it is to grow and develop each student’s potential as a dancer, Dancepointe invites you to join us in a 3-month programme where your child will be introduced to the joys of Contemporary Dance. 


Certificate of Accomplishment: A Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to your child at the end of the programme. Please note that he/she will have to attend a minimum of 9 out of 11 sessions (including the final showcase) in order to receive this certificate. 


Final Showcase: The programme is designed to build into a final showcase where parents will be invited to attend the students’ presentation (an augmentation of their learning experience) in an informal setting to celebrate the achievements of the students through this course. 


Teachers: dACADEMY Team [Ms. XianCui Ng, Ms. Stacie Leong, Ms. Chang Fang-Yu, Ms. Edina Handali, Ms. JAM, Ms. Amanda Tan, Mr. Stanley Cuneta, Ms. Vera Chew, Ms Cindy Wu]


Register at

Payment to be made upon receiving invoice via email. 

Deadline for registration: 28th April 2024.

Attire: Students will be required to wear the dACADEMY shirt (can be purchase from the counter if they do not have one) and a pair of form-fitting pants that cover their knees for all classes. They are to tie up their hair neatly (need not be in a ballet bun).


1. Do I have to be a Dancepointe Student to register for this programme?


All students are welcomed to register for our dA Contemporary Dance Curriculum 3-month Programme. Students will be placed in the respective Contemporary Course levels according to his/her RAD ballet grade level. For students without RAD Ballet Certification, there will be adjustments to the Contemporary Course Level that the student will be placed in for this programme. For non-Dancepointe ballet students, kindly email to register for this programme.

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