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The Apprentice Dance Company

(Contemporary Soloists)

The Apprentice Company (TAC), a pre-professional division of TEAMdpa, the programme delivers a specialised training for Soloists in Classical Ballet or Contemporary for outstanding Apprentice Team students. It is a prerequisite to be part of the TEAMdpa Apprentice Programme (Troupe Competition) before selected to be a TAC Soloist.

*The prerequisite to be part of troupes is not required for PSLE, O’ Levels and A Levels Students.

All TAC are encouraged to join an optional Contemporary class which train their skills in Contemporary Techniques besides Classical Ballet on a weekly basis. (For 9yo & above, in the national year that they will be competing)

Age groups: TAC Level 1 (9 Years old), TAC Level 2 (10-11 Years old), TAC Level 3 (12  Years & above)

  • A consistent training regime in the contemporary dance technique will grow the dancer’s understanding and confidence in performing the technique.

  • Learn the various contemporary techniques such as Cunningham, Graham, Limón and Release Technique.

  • To prepare them in Pre Professional platforms for Contemporary Solo such as Asian Grand Prix, Masterpiece International, International Ballet Grand Prix and Youth America Grand Prix.

  • To enhance their opportunities in Direct School Admission Auditions when Ballet and Contemporary are most demanded style of dance

The Apprentice Company (TAC Contemporary) Structure

TAC Contemporary Soloist.png
The Apprentice Company (TAC Contemporary) Audition

Our Audition for 2022/2023 intake will be held on 16th July 2022 at our new Dancepointe Academy @ Ang Mo Kio. A stage sized dance studio specially built for Dance Competitions. The training will start in August 2022.

Click to register before 6th July 2022.

*A video will be sent out 5 days before audition for the candidates to learn and present in the audition.

*The teachers will be going through the dance routine during the audition.

For our achievements in competitions, visit our Achievements.

For any queries on this programme, please email, we are happy to share with you on the TEAMdpa programme.

*West Denotes West students . NE denoted North East Students

TAC Contemporary Class Schedule
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