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Stanley Ian Cuneta

Contemporary Dance Teacher

  • Diploma in Dance (Distinction), LASALLE College of the Arts 
  • 2022 LASALLE Scholarship

Stanley has been actively pursuing dance since he was 10 years old. He has a diverse background in many street dance styles, such as Hip-Hop, Popping, Locking and Krumping while training in Medan, Indonesia. His love for contemporary dance started when he moved to study in Singapore in 2015. Under the tutelage of Andy Benjamin Cai, he has represented ACS(I) dance CCA in numerous events, one of them being the SYF 2019 - him and his CCA brought back the Distinction award.


During his years in LASALLE, Stanley has been actively honing his Contemporary and Jazz craft in school and outside of school. Stanley was an intern at Frontier Danceland company in 2022 and performed for LEAP 2022 after he finished his one year PULSE programme under Frontier Danceland company. Some of the notable choreographers Stanley was mentored under includes Chiew Peishan, Li Ruimin and Zhuo Zihao while training in PULSE programme. Stanley was also one of the assistant choreographers in NDP 2023, where he and his team mentored over 1000+ secondary school students to dance in one of the Acts.


With a passion for choreography and performance, Stanley never cease to look for such opportunities. He has choreographed for one of the exhibition pieces in “HELLO, BYE BYE, NOW”, which was a movement response performance done by LASALLE College of the Arts in collaboration with National Gallery Singapore in 2022. Him and his friend, Minchae Kang’s, contemporary choreography titled “Shall We Talk?” was handpicked to be showcased in the LASALLE SHOW 2023. He was also one of the chosen few to perform for LASALLE at the Battery Dance Festival 2022 in Manhattan, New York City under the mentorship of Fairul Zahid.


Stanley was granted the LASALLE scholarship in 2022.


Stanley is a strong believer that every dancer has their own unique potential and nobody should give up in discovering their own voices. He believes in the merit of being an open minded and hard working dancer.

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