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Edina Handali

Contemporary Dance Teacher

  • Diploma in Dance (Distinction), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)
  • NAFA Dean’s List Award.
  • Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Graded – Advanced 2 for Classical Ballet


Edina Handali was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. At 5 years old, she started off her dance journey with hip hop and ballet. She obtained her Royal Dance Academy Classical Ballet Advance 2 under Marlupi Dance Academy in 2018. In the same year, Edina flew to Singapore to pursue a formal dance education and conservatory contemporary and ballet training at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), where she worked with local choreographers such as Christina Chan, Jeffrey Tan, Zhuo Zihao, Chew Shaw En, international choreographers such as, Richard Chappell (UK), Son Yu Jong (Korea), Aditep Buanoi (BK) and performed at Dancers@Work, Crossings, Esplanade da:ns Festival.


Edina was invited to represent NAFA in Tari Dance Festival ‘19 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She graduated in 2021 attaining her Diploma in Dance with Distinction and Dean’s List Award.

After graduating, Edina participated in masterclasses and intensives to continue enhancing her dance, e.g. masterclass by Aurélie Robichon (France/Germany), floorwork workshop by Mathilde Gilhet (France/Switzerland), contemporary ballet workshop by Dario Dinuzzi (Italy/Switzerland), intensive with Copper Terry (UK/AUS) to mention few. In 2023, Edina performed a full-length performance with National Contemporary Ballet (SG) and she was called back to perform at Esplanade dans:focus 2024. She is also a MOE-registered dance instructor who also pursued teaching street dance, contemporary and lyrical to different age groups and levels in studios and schools.

Alongside receiving classical ballet and contemporary conservatory training, Edina has also been diving into Street Dance, specifically Hip Hop and House. She has been in not only the choreography, but also the freestyle scene, constantly building a strong foundation and developing her own style. She has been invited a few times to teach back in her home country, Indonesia, to share her expertise and experiences with the local community.

Edina believes the various training she had has not only increased her understanding and body awareness for herself, but it has also helped her accommodate her students with different needs.


  • Get The Beat 2023 Contemporary Beginner Solo | 2nd Place - Choreographer

  • D’Battleground by NUS dHoppers 2022 - Hip Hop 2v2 Top 8 (adopted to Top 4)

  • Project Zero by Nasty Drills 2022 - House 1v1 Top 16

  • Strike 3 by Nasty Drills 2022 - Hip Hop 3v3 Top 8

  • Back to Live by Artistate 2021 - Hip Hop 3v3 Top 16

  • World Supremacy Battleground 2019 - Showcase 1st Runner Up (representing “Orion”)

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